iPhone copy and paste



While we all wait (impatiently) for Apple to add copy and paste functionality to the iPhone – which may not be ‘a priority’ for them, but sure is for the rest of us – you may be interested to know that one developer has created an interim fix for the problem.

You can read all about it at 9to5Mac


Happy Birthday, iMac

Happy Tenth Birthday to the iMac. This gorgeous little machine changed the computing world forever, both for manufacturers and for users, and is – without any shadow of a doubt – a design classic.

Original G3 iMac in Bondi Blue

Original G3 iMac in Bondi Blue

Introduced by Steve Jobs in a now-famous keynote, the “i” in iMac stands for “internet”. The iMac came at a crucial time in computing history – and changed the course of that history forever.

Not only was it a new class of computer for everyday users, but he design was astonishing – eschewing the ‘beige box’ design model of computers of the time (and which still persist to this day, although the general colour may have changed), the iMac provided everything you needed in one small, portable, eye-catching and highly functional design. And it came in colours, including the famous “Bondi blue”.

The general design of the iMac remained the same until the “angle-poise lamp” design took over in 2003, before that, too, was retired to make way for the G5 model, which is the current ‘look’ of he iMac, albeit that the white casing has now been replaced with cool aluminium.

The original G3 iMac continues to be sold on eBay and elsewhere, and many users still have their original iMacs; indeed, one friend of mine had a perfectly working six year old model until very recently. It was only very rarely switched off and worked like a dream. There is a lesson in there for many of the large computer manufacturers of today.