Miss Pigfield – a brief introduction

Miss Pigfield Miss Pigfield

Miss Pigfield is a little pink woolly piglet. By her friends (of which she has an increasingly wide circle), she is affectionately referred to as Ms P, or – when they are feeling a little mischievous – simply as ‘the porker’.

But Ms P is not just any old piglet. Indeed, she isn’t old at all – she was put together around two years ago by a lovely young lady in Sweden. Since then, she has (literally) travelled the world. So much so, that whenever I read one of those stories which pops up from time to time in the news regarding stolen garden gnomes and mysterious postcards from across the globe, I remind myself that Ms P has travelled more extensively that that.

Raising Funds

Raising Funds

No, Ms P is certainly not just any old piglet; she has a purpose. Her raison d’etre is to raise funds for breast cancer awareness, aided and abetted by her human friends. And in the company of her current companion (more on her later), Ms P has raised just over £300. And she does this by very curious means. Cas, who is Mss P’s present travelling companion, and with whom she presently resides, also has a large circle of friends. And Cas came up with the idea of getting these friends to pose with Ms P and to have their picture taken with her. Many of them jumped at the chance to be snapped with a true megastar, and so a fund-raising venture was born – and has proven to be very successful!

From time to time I will post more about the adventures of Miss Pigfield and some of the people she meets during her travels to various locations.